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Carlie Carp All Purpose Fertiliser
Charlie Carp is the best available fertiliser for a healthy and vigorous garden. Charlie Carp is also the only fertiliser dedicated to helping the environment. Made from whole European Carp with high protein levels it acts quickly on all plants and shrubs.

Charlie Carp also provides macro and micro nutrients to your garden and contains natural oil which helps to deter garden pests. Fewer carp, healthy plant growth, that’s Charlie Carp.

Charlie Carp is available in: 500ml, 1 litre, 2.2 litre hose pack, 5 litre, 20 litre and 25 litre containers. Also available in 200 litre and 1000 litre containers for commercial customers.

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Charlie Carp – For Everything your Garden Grows

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Premium Organic Fertiliser
Charlie Carp Organic is the ideal natural commercial alternative, ideally suited to crops in areas of high value added horticultural production.

There is an increasing demand for organic and bio-dynamic foods and Charlie Carp offers the producers of those crops the opportunity to capitalise from the increasing demands and margins that are being achieved in these specialised areas.

Charlie Carp will provide young plants with improved growth rates and therefore healthier plants this means better yields and therefore better returns.

  • Charlie Carp Organic Fertiliser and Soil Conditioner has been formulated to improve both the growth and quality of your commercial crop
  • For the best results complete spray coverage is essential.
  • Charlie Carp is best applied on it’s own as mixing with other products may effect performance.
  • When temperatures exceed 32°C do not apply to foliage as leaf or fruit damage may be possible.

For information on individual products and for application rates see menu to right.

Charlie Carp Organic
Charlie Carp manufactures specialist Sportsturf products which are sold under the Long Paddock Organic Solutions label. Whether it is a golf course, sports oval, public gardens or domestic lawns, this range of fertilisers have the right nutrients at the right rates to help boost turf growth. High levels of nitrogen and potash combined with essential micro nutrients will ensure turf is healthy and growing actively

The Long Paddock Sportsturf range, including Sportsturf 10:2:6, Sportsturf Organic and Sportsturf Rapid Uptake, are designed for progressive Sportsturf Managers seeking biological and environmental outcomes to their turf management programmes.

 Product Benefits

  • Encourages beneficial soil microbial stimulation
  • Increases soil carbon
  • Assists in breakdown of organic matter
  • Low salt NPK + TE provides immediate relief with plant nutrient deficiencies.
  • Natural fish oils enhance fast nutrient uptake via leaf absorption.
  • The unique processing of the whole European Carp provides natural minerals, oils, proteins, amino acids and beneficial microbes.
  • Promotes even growth without surge effects.
  • Promotes strong brix levels that improve the plants natural immune system.
  • The addition of kelp in Sportsturf Organic is an important bio-supplement which can provide enhanced frost resistance, bio-balancing, root promotion and stress resistance.


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